magnovate technologies grt pods (2014->>)

Magnovate PRT

This is the latest progress for the Magnovate Technologies vehicle development focussing on the Group Rapid Transit (GRT) pods. The concept fits within the latest 'Hyperloop' niche and will open new doors to transportation. The latest development shows how the Magline might look and the track system it would use. The concept is to have independent pods that can travel up to 500kph using Maglev tech. Initially Magnovate will develop a scale system and full scale vehicle for a pilot project at the Edmonton Airport. Stay tuned and you can check out a recent article here in Alberta Venture Magazine:

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  • GRT exploration Sketches

  • GRT initial packaging

  • GRT pod renders

  • GRT pod renders

  • GRT

    GRT interior renders

  • GRT interior renders

  • GRT small pod at a station

  • GRT tube sections

  • GRT extended pod render

  • GRT

    GRT Alberta Foothills render