havelaar Bison e-pickup truck (2012-2017)

Motive Bison

The pickup truck market space is huge in the automotive industry and being born and raised in Alberta Canada you won't find another more truck saturated market.

The Bison was originally penned back in 2012. We revisited the design with Havelaar in 2016 and after 1 year of development we have the first prototype built. The design is bold, punctuated with angular cladding and wedge profiles. An evolutionary leap forward from traditional pickups, the Bison delivers a more modern and provocative approach. The sloping small hood showcases that this isn't your tipical petrol/diesel powered truck. Being a mid sized pickup, I put emphassis on its stance with large fenders and strong shoulders creating a tough presence. With short overhangs and tires pushed to the corners, the stance conveys stability and confidence allowing for aggressive approach and departure angles.

Performance and specificaion data is still to come. But for now the plan is for a 50 & 90 kWh pack with the 90 producing 300+ km range. The truck was designed in Alberta and developed/fabricated in Ontario Canada. Pricing may start around $60,000 for base model and expect to see the 1st pre-production models roaming around in 2018-2019.

For more information visit havelaarcanada.com

  • 1st key sketch from 2012

  • Design development sketch

  • Headlight design exploration

  • Package drawing development

  • Final photorealistic renders

  • Prototype 1 EV Show

  • Prototype 1

  • Prototype 1 Photoshoot

  • Prototype 1 Photoshoot

  • Prototype 1 Photoshoot