Redemption Golf Putter

Infinite Shoes was lead by entrepreneur Tyler Milnthorp. Together with a team of marketing and business experts we created a vision and plan for a new shoe company. The mission statement was "Customers believe in sustainability, environment, trade, quality and comfort.  From casual to classic staples, iS represents affordable, high quality footwear that’s versatile, stylish and structurally superior. "

I took a lot of inspiration from music, the surf and skate industry and a fucus on utilizing local sustainable materials. The Caliber is a cross between a sandal and you're iconic skate/Vans style shoe. Acoustic guitars were the largest influence in the Fret design which utilizes elements like the guitar neck and bridge in it's fabric layout. As you can obviously see, the Headset should be self explanatory in it's design derivative. The Sea Flat was a good exercise in layering and I even felt some of my automotive style flow into that design. For the Solo, I focussed on a simple elegant design with a small sequin for a little eyecatch. And finally the more formal Serenity found influence from piano's and music notes.

Unfortunately the project never fully saw the light of day. If anyone were interested, the designs and business plan are for sale. Please contact me if you'd like more information. Hope you enjoy them!

  • Theme board

  • Key Sketches

  • Infinite Shoes Lineup (3D render)

  • Soles (3D render)

  • the Caliber (3D render)

  • the Fret (3D Render)

  • the Headset (3D Render)

  • the Sea Flat (3D Render)

  • the Solo (3D Render)

  • the Serenity (3D Render)