magnovate technologies prt/grt/rt pods (2012)

Magnovate PRT

Magnovate Technologies approached me to conceptualize a Personal Rapid Transit (PRT), Group Rapid Transit (GRT) and Rapid Transit (RT) pods. Magnovate Technologies has patents on several MagLEV technologies and are looking to use the technology with pod vehicles. The PRT renders show examples of how the pods can be used for personal use. The RT renders are autonomous haulers for industrial purposes. This is an example of how the pods can be used for transferring bitumen replacing the need for pipelines.

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  • PRT Cross Country Render

  • PRT Auto hauling Render

  • PRT Terminal Render

  • PRT Interior Render


  • RT Bitumen hauling 01 Render

  • RT Bitumen hauling 02 Render

  • RT Bitumen hauling 03 Render

  • RT Bitumen hauling 04 Render