sector 111 'project dragon' (2014)

University of Alberta Ecocar

I contacted Shinoo Mapleton, Owner of Sector 111 just in time to get involved in the design / CAD work for his new street legal race car code named 'Project Dragon'. He'd had another designer already pen much of the styling, but I took it from there to refine and develop the A-surfacing for the body. Shinoo had a vision for a mechanical looking design with motorcycle design cues of an exposed frame, suspension and motor to give this an aggressive purpose built racing character. It has a GM LS3 engine so plenty of power. Watch for this one on the track.

You can find more about Sector 111 and the car here:
...and updates about the project can be found here:

  • Sketch from Jason Hill. The DP Chassis platform

  • Design refinement and exploration

  • Package drawing

  • Alias model

  • Front CAD render

  • Rear CAD render

  • Downtown render

  • More to come...

  • More to come...

  • More to come...