TraceR1 Products (2014)


I did the work for Business Instincts Group with my old business partner Nathan Armstrong. The Trace product line is based around the R1 unit which is a active sports camera that follows you autonomously. Currently I've designed the R1 Unit, the FlyR1 Quadcopter and the DriveR1. The products were all presented at the 2015 CES in Las Vegas.

You can visit Business Instincts Group, the main R&D house behind the Trace products:

  • TraceR1 exploration models

  • DriveR1 exploration Sketches

  • FlyR1 exploration Sketches

  • TraceR1 exploration packaging

  • GRT

    DriveR1 exploration sketch

  • FlyR1 preliminary design render

  • TraceR1 final model

  • DriveR1 final model

  • FlyR1 final model

  • GRT

    FlyR1 in action render