Peterbilt kodiak - local motors rig2 competition (2012)

Motive Bison
Peterbilt has paired up with Local Motors (an online design community) for a competition to design the next iconic Peterbilt Semi. The general idea is to create something iconic, with Peterbilt heritage and aerodynamic features. My entry is called the Kodiak. It's a 'modern classic' that captures the passion of it's operators while ensuring fuel efficiency and durable premium quality found in all Peterbilt rigs. I'd love to get your vote. you can see my entry at the link below and there's about 110 other entries you can view as well. Thanks for the support!: Peterbilt Kodiak
  • Inspiration

  • Sketch exploration

  • Package drawing

  • 3D Render - Front

  • 3D Render - Rear

  • 3D Render - Side

  • 3D Render - highway

  • 3D Renders

  • Steelhorse Freight edition

  • Racing edition